Disappointments 01

Am sure we’ve all had been in a point where we disappointed be it someone you care about or even yourself. I know, I’ve been in such situations more times than I can ever forget not sure I can even forgive myself.Before you go ahead feeling sad either for me or maybe remembering something you did or didn’t do..,I consider myself to have a sort of analytical mind. Thus I believe I can talk about the entire secrets revolving about disappointments in my next blog Disappointments 2. I ain’t trying to tease anyone just I think you might to clear your schedule just to read it,or maybe even grab some popcorn…


Escaping the bores of life

There are times am so damn sure we get a little bored. At such times we feel the need for a rush and some andrenalin. Well depending on what you’ve ever done. Like if you’ve ever paraglided you’ll be missing that rush. It is influenced by so much stuff like a person first time to have sex he/she will be longing for that rush.

Here a few tips that help me overcome the occasional bores maybe they will help you too.:



3. Creativity

4. Sports.


I am simply talking about spending time with your friends distant friends, close friends,even online friends or even making new friends. This works for everyone and there’s prove that it works take a good look at an introvert and you’ll sense some wanting..,wanting to have friends. Man is no island. I for example do start conversations with complete strangers in a mat,even bus or even anywhere. This really helps me get rid of boredom and can even build up long standing relationships.


Now this unlike socializing is between lovers maybe wanna be lovers or lovers at present. It is just one of the best ways. Doing things you both enjoy or even just enjoying each others company.

I would love to talk more about it but sadly I’ve not yet experienced it. Though I do suggest you seeing the movie “Five Feet Apart”.


Well this depends on who you are and how open-minded you really are. Cause its all about being open minded.

I emphasize on open mindedness coz creativity is everywhere and can be anything. Singing a well known song in a new tune,doing DIY activities, writing a song,drawing or even photographing.

Look simply put the example are just too many to ever be exhausted,keypoint is you’re happy with the one(s) you choose.


What,what is there to say anyone who’s ever involved themselves knows its a great and healthy distraction. It gives your mind a chance to just unwind,this takes if you do it just for the fun of it. Imagine your just bored and you grab a basketball and start dribbling, notice how it just snatches your mind and gives you a sort of peace

The start

Well hello out there,I am back. Maybe and most likely know one recalls me cause I came in under a different..well everything. I always tried to convince myself I can do it,but lately it hasn’t been going many can say I’ve obeyed the doom cycle,only faster. No more today henceforth I am going to take my blog seriously,I’ll do my best to blog quality everyday except for when am at school.


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